The Best 10 Tools, Bots And Apps, For Instagram Free Real Followers & “Like” Automation 2022

John Smith
Email/ UX expert

Before you get excited about using Instagram bots to boost likes, you should know that all social channels’ business models are sophisticated cash extraction machines.  


Instagram will intentionally allow you to create a large organic reach and then alter the algorithm to lower your reach so that you pay to get the same level of reach you had before.  


Marketers in the fastest moving industries such as sports, alcohol, food, and fashion are forced to spend lots of cash boosting their Instagram content to reach their followers. This has made most of them stressed as they are trying to find ways to bring sales from the platform.  


Serious business owners and marketers are taking marketing strategy training sessions and are already implementing proven marketing strategies to create an audience, boost their sales and not get distracted by Instagram followers/likes automation tools.  


The actual benefits of having more likes of followers on Instagram are minimal if you don’t have an appropriately crafted marketing approach to achieve your marketing goals and deliver maximum customer support.   


There are two things you should bear in mind: 


  • You don’t own your followers and hence can’t transfer Instagram followers to other platforms. In this article, you’ll learn how to build a community on sites you own. 
  • The platform’s algorithm will make it difficult to display content to your followers free of charge. The platform will keep lowering your reach and making you pay for ads to reach your followers. Don’t waste your time trying to get more likes and followers; use proven growth approaches. 

What Are Instagram Bots?

Instagram automation or bots are tools that use the software called bots to perform specific tasks using your Instagram account. Instagram doesn’t own these bots. The bots use the platform’s API to complete the tasks they offer.  


Many of these Instagram bots allow users to follow certain geo-locations, bio keywords, and hashtags, as well as allow you to create likes automatically. 

Common Tasks That Instagram Bots Perform

  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Follow/Unfollow
  • Posting stories and photos 
  • Direct Messages
  • Deleting Posts


The bots also have numerous filters to ensure your account only interacts with your target audience. The bot filters will let you target specific users depending on: 

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Don’t have a Profile Picture
  • Not Private
  • Follow Ratio
  • Last Active
  • The accounts they follow
  • Language
  • And a lot more


Instagram bots also allow users to control how frequently they interact with every user and when they have control over: 


  • When the bot is off or on
  • Time-lapse between every action
  • How many actions should the bot complete every hour/day/week

Criteria For Selecting The Right Instagram “Likes” Bot, Tool, or App

  • The appropriate automation tools will be based on your marketing goals. Do you want the app to like or follow certain keywords on user bios or particular hashtags in posts, or certain geo-location hashtags?  
  • Are you searching for a bot to add comments for specific hashtags? It’s easy for users to determine that you’re using a bot for spamming their comment section; therefore, you have to be careful about getting an app to automate Instagram comments. An Instagram Virtual Assistant (IVA) may be better for this.    
  • Whenever possible, ensure that the app’s time zone and server location are similar to your business’s. This is essential since Instagram can detect when an individual in another location attempts to log in to your account, thus sending alert signals to Instagram.  
  • The app’s dashboard should allow you to delete, save, or add selected hashtags. 
  • You should also consider the bot’s maximum speed for every hour. Ensure the app allows you to set a limit, so the platform doesn’t ban your account. Some apps let users specify a number between 10-100 likes every hour. Some got their accounts blocked for selecting speeds of 70 likes every hour. You should set a limit of 20-40 likes every hour.  
  • Most apps don’t have multiple exact hashtag match features. For example, if you only want the app to like Instagram photos with #marketing and #instagram, the app shouldn’t like the video if one of these hashtags doesn’t appear.  


The 10 Leading Instagram Follower/Like Apps To Get Actual Followers

1. Path Social

This app utilises an AI targeting algorithm and expert team to find organic followers that’ll engage with your content and niche on Instagram. 

2. Kicksta

With this app, you can get around 381 new followers every month. The app likes the content of users who follow accounts related to your niche. The app costs 49 USD, meaning every new follower costs 38 cents. 

3. Combin

This Instagram bot uses relevant hashtags and location searches to identify the best prospective clients possible. The app has several other functions; however, the most prominent one is that the bot lets users monitor their competitor’s performance and activity. 

4. Social Boost

This organic Instagram growth service helps individuals, influencers, and businesses get better engagement and more followers. 


The app also has an Instagram Virtual assistant to help you optimise, support, and manage your account. 

5. Plixi

This is an Instagram growth app that assists users in getting more actual followers. The tool utilises automation and API tools that help grow your Instagram follower count. 

6. Upleap

This tool allows users to purchase Instagram followers and grow their accounts faster. The app assists users in getting more Instagram followers quickly and securely.  

7. Nitreo

This digital media app helps users get more followers on Instagram. The bot views, likes and followers stories on your behalf; thus, you have more free time. 

8. Social Buddy

This tool allows users to grow their engagement and followers organically using cutting-edge social media marketing approaches. The platform drives targeted followers to a user’s Instagram profile. 


The site promises actual growth and followers interested in your niche or content. Most users increase by 200 to 500 new followers weekly, and their picture likes go up substantially. 


9. Instagrowing

This is a cost-effective purchase Instagram followers app. The tool helps users promote their business or personal accounts on Instagram. The site provides budget-friendly prices to purchase actual Instagram followers. 


10. Instagrow

This is an organic Instagram growth tool that uses safe and manual techniques. The platform’s team will assess your account profile and choose the appropriate target audience (inherent to your niche’s profile) to guarantee maximum organic growth depending on your objectives.    


The Top 3 Advantages of Purchasing Instagram Automation Service 

  1. Instagram bot services help you get more followers than when you manually grow your account. However, not all brands and people need bots. Well-known individuals don’t have to pay for automation services.   
  2. Automation services translate to more website traffic. Having more followers may lead o a snowball effect like getting more individuals to check out your product pages and web page, thus increasing the chances of conversion. 
  3. Using automation services means you’ve got more time on your hands to do other productive things. A bot will handle the work of liking content and following accounts. This is particularly useful for people who are always on the move. For example, if you’re travelling and don’t have time to check our Instagram account, the bot will handle it.     

Why The Instagram Automation Apps Were Created

The logic behind creating these tools was for users to get as many likes and followers without manually doing it. Most people want to save the time and effort it takes to get more followers on the platform. This fueled the need to develop apps to help users get more followers and likes on the site. 


Currently, many Instagram business owners are distracted, thinking that Instagram will assist them in building their brands; this couldn’t be further from the truth. Small businesses are helping the platform flourish. Most people don’t realise that you’ll never own your followers, and Instagram will always have the algorithm work in their favour, forcing business owners to pay for ads if they want to reach their audience.  

Number of Followers you Can Expect To Gain Using Automation Services

Since every account is different, the number will differ. You can expect a large following if you constantly post high-quality content.  Most of these apps don’t guarantee a specific number of followers since these are actual people who have to decide for themselves if they’ll follow your account.  

How The Automation Tools and Apps Work

  • Link the app to our Instagram account. Once connected, you’ll be able to access the app’s dashboard.  
  • Instagram will send a notification alerting you of a login attempt. Click on the “it was me” icon.    
  • You’ll be denied access if you don’t see the “it was me” opinion. Inform the app team you’ll have to reset your account. You won’t have to reset your password unless Instagram asks you to. Ensure you update your password on the app dashboard.     
  • Key in your targeting specifications. This will help the tool target the audience you wish to engage with.  
  • Save the preferences and start getting followers. Once you’ve fine-tuned your preferences, you can relax and let the app grow your account.   

Things To Bear In Mind

Many Instagram followers prefer following personal accounts instead of business accounts. The primary reason is that business accounts mostly try to sell their products. Most users don’t want their news feed filled with sales ads.


Nevertheless, a business account has the advantage of a focussed target audience interested in their services/products; hence takes time to grow.    

Alternative Instagram Followers’ Apps/Bots

  • Mapiac.
  • Growthoid. This app helps users get actual Instagram followers that turn into customers for your products.

Why Instagram Doesn’t Bother

The platform’s user policy makes it clear the use of bots is prohibited. The platform has put anti-bot/anti-spam restrictions, such as preventing accounts from liking too many pictures in a short time or commenting on a specific post multiple times.  


Instagram is against bots; therefore, determining who’s using bots is easy. However, they rarely do anything about such accounts. 


The primary reason is that the platform needs to demonstrate robust growth. Every time Meta announces its yearly earnings, it must demonstrate user growth on its flagship products and healthy engagement. Engagement and growth are the life of Meta’s stock; a decrease in either can lead to shares dipping. 


Be alerted: The Purchase Instagram followers apps waste time and money. Apps such as  Workmacro, Webogram, Social Runner, Robolike, Rocket Social, River, Popamatic, Likegrowers, Kickliker, Instato, Instamacro, Instaboostgram, Ins-Grow,  FollowLike, Followadder,  Firing table, Fanbump, and Boostgram won’t get you tangible results. 

Bottom Line

If your marketing approach isn’t leading to sales, don’t waste cash on approaches that aren’t working. You can sign up for an eCom boost program.  


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