Jessica Enders, Principal of Formulate Information Design, is a globally recognised expert on interfaces designed to capture information. She founded the form design consultancy Formulate Information Design in 2007, following more than a decade working in related fields, for organisations including the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Colmar Brunton Australia and The Hiser Group.

Not only does Jessica have nearly two decades of form design experience, she has written and presented widely, sharing her insights and expertise with clients and community alike. In October 2016 this culminated with the publication of her first book: Designing UX: Forms.


In October 2016, SitePoint proudly released the first book in their new “Aspects of UX” series: Designing UX: Forms.

Written by Jessica, the book aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the design considerations for web-based forms. Read it cover to cover to learn about the range of form design best practices, or use it as a handy reference for design debates and discussions.

You can get your copy of Designing UX: Forms on Amazon, or wherever good books are sold online.


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