We fix forms

Poorly-designed forms cause lost sales, increased costs, inaccurate data, time delays and frustration.

Don't be fooled: designing an effective form is harder than it looks. Only an expert can ensure you get the right information, at the right time, for the lowest outlay.

Boasting almost two decades’ experience in form design, Formulate Information Design can help you design forms in any environment:

  • Online forms (web forms and mobile forms)
  • Paper forms
  • Desktop forms

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We know what we're talking about – we wrote the book!


Great forms for your organisation

Eliminate barriers, prevent frustration and improve performance with a well-designed, optimised and user-friendly form:

  • Registration and application forms
  • Sign up and login forms
  • Quote and ecommerce forms
  • Policy and claims forms
  • Search forms and checklists
  • Wizards and tests.

Whatever your form, we can make it work better for you.

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