Have forms will travel

High quality forms are central to the smooth functioning of any organisation, yet most people don’t realise that they can get help with the design of their forms. Jessica Enders, Principal of Formulate Information Design, will be spreading the word about professional form design, around the country and the world, over the coming months.

The travel starts with three presentations at the Business Forms Management Association annual symposium, in San Antonio, Texas.

Two of the three presentations — “Questioning questions” and “Visual design principles for electronic forms” — are new; the third is the return of one of the most well-received talks at last year’s Symposium, “Making a paper form electronic”. Jessica will also be moderating a panel discussion on “The future of forms”. If you’re in the area, the Symposium is unbeatable opportunity to learn best practice in all form-related areas: from design to production; from distribution to management.

If North America is a little far away for you, there are two great Australian opportunities coming up. In May, Jessica will be introducing the foundational principles of good form design at webDU. The premier Antipodean web technology conference, webDU encompasses a broad spectrum of web technologies and techniques, and is the must attend annual event for anyone building a better Internet.

Then, August brings the inaugural UX Australia conference in Canberra. This exciting new event showcases some of the most interesting work and ideas from leading user-experience professionals. We’re delighted to be involved, and will be taking the opportunity to present a case study on the redesign and subsequent review of a public-facing and complex government form (pending final approval from the client).

We hope you can make it to one of these great events. If you do, be sure to come up and say hello, we always love meeting people with an interest in the design of forms!