About Formulate

Based in Melbourne, Australia, Formulate Information Design is run by Jessica Enders.

Jessica has worked for the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the social research arm of Colmar Brunton Australia (a private market research agency) and The Hiser Group, Australasia's pioneering usability consultancy. She has had a longstanding passion for form design.

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What does Formulate do?

We provide form design services to public, private and not-for-profit organisations.

In practice this means we utilise our diverse skills, knowledge and experience to ensure that whenever clients collect data — from their customers, constituents, staff or stakeholders — they do so in the most efficient, effective and satisfying way possible.

We draw on our strengths across a large range of subjects, including:

  • user experience and usability
  • cognitive science
  • behavioural ecomomics
  • graphic design
  • business and business analysis
  • process engineering
  • psychology and sociology
  • typography
  • linguistics
  • marketing and communications.

Do I really need a specialist form designer?

Being able to produce a well-designed form requires a deep knowledge of how people interact with this unique method of communication; knowledge that only a specialist form designer has.

For some real world examples of forms design, check out this 5 minute presentation.

Why choose Formulate Information Design?

Formulate is unique in Australia; providing a complete one-stop form, application and questionnaire design service.

Some companies offer generalist graphic design, but don’t understand the ways in which forms are different. Other consultancies are good at user research, but don’t know how to translate the findings into a great form.  And some form designers have experience only with paper forms, or are very new to electronic form design.

Only Formulate offers the breadth and depth of skill, knowledge and experience that you need to ensure a quality outcome.

Who are our clients?

Formulate services clients across many public and private sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and government, to name a few. If you need to gather information, Formulate is for you.

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Client testimonials

We wanted our online shopping site to be as user-friendly as possible, so we engaged Formulate to provide some expert advice during design and development. Despite a short turnaround time and a light brief, Formulate were great to work with and we were very happy with the outcome.

James Gibson, Coles Supermarkets

Formulate came highly recommended, and met our high expectations for this project. Jessica is professional and knowledgeable, producing high quality work in rapid timelines. Our project was well managed throughout, and excellent feedback has been received from stakeholders.

Gavin Hince, Department of Justice and Regulation Victoria

Formulate have a wealth of experience in form design and, combined with their structured and professional approach, were very easy to work with; provided sound advice; and produced excellent results.

Susan Davidson, Diabetes Australia

Jessica has designed and created online forms for two of my businesses, leading to a significantly enhanced customer experience, improved conversion rates, and profitable growth. Investing in design that demonstrably leads to stronger new business sales and retentions is value for money. And she is a delight to work with!

David Richards, InsuranceBox/QBE

Jessica ran several Forms Design workshops for my organisation. Jessica is an expert in forms design and her training style is exceptional. She connected with everyone and had all the recipients very interested. They continue to use the principals she taught.
Jessica is very easy to work with, and flexible, and is passionate about providing an excellent service. I would recommend Jessica to people if they want to either learn how to create great forms and/or have Jessica design great forms for you.

Jolanda Zerbst, VicRoads